Richard Cowdry is a cartoonist currently living in London, UK.

Originally from Northwest England, he is probably best known for his DownTown series for The Stool Pigeon, his weekly Somersault strip for The Forbidden Planet, and his comic strip anthology, The Bedsit Journal, which was widely available in the UK for a few years. He also edits and publishes the new underground comix anthology The Comix Reader.
You can contact Richard by email at

Richard is happy to do drawings for commission--just email him at for prices and info!

Richard's comics and cartoons have appeared in :

Vice Magazine
Oxford American
The Stool Pigeon
Meat Magazine
The Fix
New Coastal Press Magazine
The Comix Reader
Forbidden Planet (catalogue and website)
Whores Of Mensa
Solipsistic Pop
The Cheeky Guide To Love
The Cheeky Guide To Student Life
Not My Small Diary
The Bedsit Journal
Publish You
The Bullet
Le Temps (Swiss broadsheet)
The Lung
Small Pets
Paper Tiger
Kartoon Cuts
The Strip
Britanniques Contemporaries

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  1. The bedsit journal, now that brings it all back!