A DownTown Christmas

The latest DownTown strip for The Stool Pigeon. I had to pull an all-nighter to get this finished for the deadline. By 6.30 am I was falling asleep at the desk. I had to rest then for 40 minutes. Got back to work after taking Eddie to the nursery at 9.30. Tiredness caught up with me in the late afternoon and I took another rest after Eddie went to bed at 7pm. Ended up falling asleep and missing the monthly Comics Stammtisch at the Renate.

More DownTown strips are collected on the 'Down Town, etc' page, which is to be found in the menu above.

Where's the ladybird?

A drawing to decorate my son's folder at kindergarten.

More drawings of this type are on my little kinder blog Wobbly Toe.


Latest Review

Comix Reader Issue 4 reviewed in the new YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.
Plus cover and interview by comix pal Dave Ziggy Greene.
Read it all here :


Sleeping Rough

Here's a rough sketch from a strip I'm drawing for the new Stool Pigeon. I dunno, I just found it funny...


The Stool Pigeon #39

They've probably all been snapped up by now, but Richard Bruton tells us what we've missed (and includes some nice words about my strip).

The review is here.


The COMIX READER issue 4 Out Now

The UK’s funniest, edgiest, weirdest and CHEAPEST comics anthology returns with a fourth helping. Behind a new cover by lost underground cartoonist Tobias Tak, is the usual blend of established talent, new discoveries and outsider art. This issue features the return of Julia Homersham and Gareth Brookes, plus Richard Cowdry, Ralph Kidson, new alternative comics superstar Elliot Baggott, and 2 pager by the UK's oddest cartoonist : Peter Lally.
24 page A3 colour comics tabloid. Only £1!!!!

Available from Gosh! Comics and... I'm not sure where else.

“The creative minds behind the Comix Reader are an enthusiastic and prolific group of contributors whose sketch jams, talks and meetings make for an unprecedented underground scene.” GOSH!

"the most alternative of the current anthology set" - Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

Comix Reader 3 Launch : Tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the launch of the third issue of my alternative comix tabloid, The Comix Reader.
The comics arrived from the printer today - so as usual it was a close thing!!

Here's the skinny :

The Date: Friday March 2nd 2012
The Time: 7pm
The Location: Gosh! London, 1 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F ODR
Come celebrate the Launch of The Comix Reader Issue #3. There will be an exhibition of original artwork from the issue and you can chat with some of the many artists involved!! Free to get in and drinks are on us, so feel free to pop by! No need to RSVP, just come along to this exciting event! Yowza!

Cover by Elliot Baggott :


The Stool Pigeon 36

Pigeon 36 should have rolled out to all it's outlets by now. It should have a new Downtown strip in it, and maybe also a couple of small cartoons by me... and of course all the usual good comix, interviews and reviews.


Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters have recently published one of my strips.
I'm delighted to have something in an online publication of such obvious high quality and interest! You could spend weeks reading berfrois.


More Real Men...

... pages have been going up over on the FP blog. I should have another done by Tuesday-ish. Here's a couple of panels from page 25.


Gagging for it

I thought I'd try my hand at some single panel cartoons... the first one is supposed to be topical, about single yellow lines being converted into double ones on 200 streets in London.


Still Available! Stool Pigeon 35!

Available FREE from all good record shops, cafes, gig venues etc throughout the UK and Berlin.
Features new comics by me, Kent Able, DZ Greene, Paul O'connell, Lawrence Elewick, etc. That cover is AMAZING! (Find a copy here).


Still Available! The Comix Reader!

Both issues of my satirical Comix Reader anthology are still available, although supplies of issue 1 are running pretty low. 9,000 copies of these beauties were printed, but when they're gone they're gone forever! Both issues collect together the funniest, & strangest UK-based cartoonists, such as Tobias Tak, Lord Hurk, Ralph Kidson, etc. They're available from and cost only £1.00!!

"the most alternative of the current anthology set" - Richard Bruton