The Comix Reader issue 5

I'm expecting a box of Comix Reader's to arrive at any moment. Issue 5 of this comics anthology I edit was printed a couple of weeks ago. 24 pages of the UK's most interesting cartoonists. Each issue is a bit better than the last. It's different from any other publication around and I can't wait to see where it goes next. It only costs £2 or 2€, so that's all you have to lose by picking it up.
Available from these places and also from
Permanently on sale in Gosh! Comics in London and Renate Comics Bibliothek in Berlin.
Official Launch is on Friday November 8th at Gosh! Comics.
German debut on 28th October at Zinefest Berlin 2013 if this box of comics arrives in time!
More info here...

Cover Art by Alex Potts.


BLACK EYE 2 has been printed

The book has now been completed and will be unveiled at CAKE (the Chicago Alternative Komics Exposition) in Chicago in roughly two weeks. You can order it now though from the Rotland Press store.

BLACK EYE 2 : the anthology of humor and despair.
With new comics and art by: Max Clotfelter / Richard Cowdry / Hugleikur Dagson / J.T. Dockery / Brecht Evens / Quentin Faucompre / Julia Gfrörer / Sam Gross / Danny Hellman / Ian Huebert / David Hughes / David Lynch / Benjamin Marra / Paul Nudd / Onsmith / David Paleo / Helge Reumann / Martin Rowson / Stephen William Schudlich / David Shrigley / Ed Subitzky / Brecht Vandenbroucke
With texts by: Paul Krassner, groundbreaking editor and founder of The Realist (1958-2001), who provides a previously unpublished essay / Bob Levin offers up an excerpt from his unpublished satirical novel The Schiz / Jesse Nathan, poetry editor of the McSweeney’s Poetry Series, contributes new poetry and prose pieces / the late Michael O'Donoghue, a major creative force behind the early years of The National Lampoon and the first head-writer for Saturday Night Live (on which he appeared as "Mr. Mike") is present with a long out-of-print essay that once appeared in Spin magazine.
Also included: MEMORY OF POSADA, in which 18 illustrators/graphic artists/cartoonists respond to the work of Mexican artist J.G. Posada. The contributors are: Stéphane Blanquet / Marie-Pierre Brunel / Lilli Carré / Frédéric Coché / Sue Coe / Andrea Dezsö / D.B. Dowd / Henrick Drescher / Bill Fick / Sanya Glisic / Donald Kilpatrick III  / Peter Kuper / Jeff Ladouceur / Mats!? / Marc Brunier Mestas / David Sandlin / Mahendra Singh / Wouter Vanhaelemeesch
Print run is limited to 1000 copies.
Softcover / 136 pages / black and white / 9 x 5.75 in. / edited by Ryan Standfest / 2013


A New Comic : Down Town

DOWN TOWN  by Richard Cowdry
All the Down Town strips from the Stool Pigeon magazine in one handy 28 page comic. Plus a new strip!!

Available exclusively from my new Shop page .... where you can also buy Britain's coolest comic ... The Comix Reader!


A new review of an old comic

 The great Gareth Brookes (whose new book The Black Project is out soon from Myriad Editions) reviews my first comic on Make 'em Squirm at his Appalling Nonsense site.

Some additional information, as Gareth has an incomplete edition : The comic was called Kartoon Cuts and came out in 2004. It had a cover and 4 colour pages in the centre. I was getting my b/w photocopying done at Punker Bunker in Brighton and I was sneaking back into my old university to print the covers. Then I would fold it all by hand and staple it at a community resource centre. But one time the b/w interior pages were folded and stapled together by mistake. I ran out of copies of Kartoon Cuts a long time ago, but I still had those incomplete b/w versions and took a few with me to comics fairs, etc. The cover can be seen at the bottom of this page.  The back cover strip was a comics version of Terminal Preppie by The Dead Kennedys and is here on the Stool Pigeon site.


Chicks On Comics

Time to catch up on news!

Pictures from the Chicks On Comics exhibition that opened on 14 March. It ran until 26th April at the Alphanova and Futura Gallery in Berlin (yet another cool Berlin arts space).

This is my piece from the exhibition. You can see much of the work on the Chicks On Comics blog.


BLACK EYE 2: The Anthology of Humor + Despair

I'm in BLACK EYE 2 - the follow-up to the Ignatz-nominated anthology of comics, art, fiction, poetry and essays. Check out the classy Kickstarter film below.

BLACK EYE 2 on kickstarter.


Zu spät!

Every now and then I have a go at the single panel cartoon. It's really hard to get right!


Submission for Chicks On Comics

A  cartoon about Spring and and Feminism for and the Alpha Nova Gallery in Berlin.
The drawing sums up the last few weeks of my life.