A new review of an old comic

 The great Gareth Brookes (whose new book The Black Project is out soon from Myriad Editions) reviews my first comic on Make 'em Squirm at his Appalling Nonsense site.

Some additional information, as Gareth has an incomplete edition : The comic was called Kartoon Cuts and came out in 2004. It had a cover and 4 colour pages in the centre. I was getting my b/w photocopying done at Punker Bunker in Brighton and I was sneaking back into my old university to print the covers. Then I would fold it all by hand and staple it at a community resource centre. But one time the b/w interior pages were folded and stapled together by mistake. I ran out of copies of Kartoon Cuts a long time ago, but I still had those incomplete b/w versions and took a few with me to comics fairs, etc. The cover can be seen at the bottom of this page.  The back cover strip was a comics version of Terminal Preppie by The Dead Kennedys and is here on the Stool Pigeon site.

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